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  • If a child does not show up, do I still pay for that child?"
    Please remember, you will be charged for the final headcount you gave prior to the birthday party.
  • What is the youngest age you do parties for?
    Because our parties are designed for school aged children, the youngest we will entertain are girls turning 6. It is extremely difficult for the younger girls to sit still during manis and pedis and our chairs and robes are too big for the younger crowd.
  • What happens if a guest arrives late?
    Because our parties are based on a schedule, they work best when all guests arrive on time. Guests coming late may join the birthday party at whatever point it has progressed to.
  • Can parents of the guests stay for the birthday party?
    This is a high energy birthday party with lots of movement. If there is ample room without interference, we welcome an audience
  • Who takes care of a guest if they become ill, or a behavior problem, or do not want to participate?"
    Guests who do not wish to participate will need to be attended to by you.
  • What sanitary precautions do you take for every birthday party?
    Each birthday party will have clean and washed towels, robes and head bands. We pride ourselves in providing high quality sanitary birthday parties.
  • Can siblings of the guests stay?
    Please remember that our party packages cover only the guest of honor and her guests. We will be happy to have them; however there will be a $20 charge per person that is not included in the final head count. The maximum number of girls for all other packages is 18 girls. If you would like more we will have to charge you for 2 parties due to the number of resources needed to provide the best party experience for you and your guests.

For more information, please visit our Policies page

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